The Dr Seuss Shovel

Now that Spring is here I have ended the annual argument with my wife Libby that comes with Winter: Why not get a snow blower? Others have weighed in as well…

What Are You Worth?

Wood Carving Tools

I was interviewing a wood carver named Fred Cogelow- this has been about 25 years ago.  If you Google his name, you can see some of his stuff…

Why This Sign Made Me Think...

Funny Gas Sign

Probably not a good idea while driving, but I’m one of those guys who reads signs- a bad habit I picked up as a kid riding in the …

Revenge of the IPAs

Revenge Of The IPAs

I’m sure I’m not the only husband who has returned from the store with the wrong detergent. “I said, ‘Tide HD Extra with Bold NEW Floral Scent!’” Or the wrong dish soap…

The Long Haul


I see this woman occasionally while I wait for the prison guards to wand me down. I visit a man named Tad two to three times a month in a maximum-security…

The Drywall Twins

Dry Wall Twins

If ever there was an experiment that illustrates the power inside your head it would have to be the tragic story of the drywall twins…

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Husband. Father. Storyteller.

Even in this modern world, the most powerful teaching device is still the story. Stories are easy to remember and have the ability to get to the subtle points of life in a way that facts and figures can’t reach.

An observer of life, Jeff Gould often notices things that can benefit and instruct, and most often they are encased in a story. Jeff is not rich or famous, and does not wish to be. He is married, with a wife, four daughters and a mortgage. He is an everyday man who has met some remarkable people and learned some things that just may be helpful to you, if you have the time to learn.

The stories are short, they are sometimes humorous, they always have a point. Because, after all, who wants to listen to a pointless story?

Dead Air

A desperate and dying town seems blinded by the promise of a brand new casino and the charismatic charm of its promoter, a retired NBA star. But disturbing events sweep across the frozen prairie, stranding the town in a blizzard of blood, murder and betrayal.

Dead Heat

A desperate woman hides out in a heat-scorched town on the deserted plains. But her secret boils over and now she must face a crazed killer whose only motive is blood, murder and revenge.

Dead End


In early November, the dying plains town of Dansing, South Dakota sees the oncoming of winter and violence.  Strangers looking for stolen Nazi gold, hidden decades ago, will stop at nothing to find it.


 busier than the last, we often seek a warm voice to remind us of the best of what Christmas is about. That voice is Jeff Gould’s “A Prairie Christmas”. A longtime broadcaster, husband and father of four, Gould brings his nostalgic series to the Midwest airwaves each Thanksgiving through Christmas. Music, memories and stories sprinkle the one-hour radio show. But more importantly, A Prairie Christmas reaches into the homes of listeners, invites them to cozy up with hot chocolate in-hand, and share the message of Christmas and Christmas on the prairie.



Music, memories and stories sprinkle the one-hour radio show. But more importantly, A Prairie Christmas reaches into the homes of listeners, invites them to cozy up with hot chocolate in-hand, and share the message of Christmas and Christmas on the prairie.


A Handful of Peanuts
There are three Christmases we celebrate, Christmas Past, Christmas Present, and Christmas Future. Which one is most important?
A Pig for Christmas

A whimsical memory of a stubborn little girl who wanted a pig for Christmas, and the help that came from an unexpected place.

Away In a Manger
The history of Away in a Manger and a sick little boy who loved to hear it.
A Civil War Letter

The finest example of lost literary art that I have ever read, a letter written by a Civil War officer to his bride on the eve of battle.

The bane of naughty children at Christmas and a memory for those who needed its heat through the winter season.
Definitions of Love
While the source of this whimsical story is unknown, the search for the definition of love from young children is both humorous and wise.
God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen
A carol so old that many of its words have switched their meaning over the years. This story explains the original intent of its author.
King Wenceslaus
Yes, there was a really a King Wenceslaus, and there really is a Feast of Stephen. The real story of a King and his surprising power.
Hark the Herald Angels Sing
Most Christmas carols were used to teach illiterate people the story of Christ in a memorable way. However, there is a mistake in this carol that caused a controversy between the original author and his revisionists.

Hay Bails
A poignant memory of a son and parent who switch roles after a farm accident.
A history of pie and its transition from the center of the table, to the end of the meal, and the cooks who made it possible.
One Solitary Life
An unknown author over one hundred years ago, talks about the most important person who ever lived.
Two Wealthy Widows
A recipient of charitable gifts decides to meet his donors and discovers two women who were very wealthy in very different ways.
The Brick Wall
Two very sick men lay side by side in a hospital room and learn the gifts of friendship, sacrifice and hope.

The Gospel
An old translation of an even older story.

The Hill
A memory of a winter pastime that anyone who grew up with snow will remember

The Ring
A memoir of two young parents with no money and no prospects, only a promise of love that came in the shape of a ring.

The origin of putting an X in Christmas.


What a great program! I learned a lot from all of the hours. Our listeners had quite a variety of Christmas Songs.
Kathy Limberg / KLQP, Madison SD

A Prairie Christmas is one of the most popular requested shows during the Holidays.
Dwight Mulder / Montivideo, MN

We are absolutely going with A Prairie Chistmas again this year. I was very happy with the program and think you guys do a great job!
Program Director / WHTC, Holland, MI


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